Cooking Performance Group 36RSURBNL 36″ Gas Countertop Step-Up Range / Hot Plate with 36″, 2 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base – 180,000 BTU
August 9, 2022
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Cooking Performance Group 36RSUSBNL 36″ Step-Up Gas Range / Hot Plate with Storage Base and High Output Burners – 180,000 BTU


Cook a variety of different foods with this Cooking Performance Group 36RSUSBNL 36″ gas range with storage base and high output burners!

Boasting 6 powerful 30,000 BTU burners with standing pilots for instant ignition, this 4 burner step-up range with storage base gives you the high performance cooking solution you need to prepare sauces, sides, or entrees, while keeping key tools and other supplies close at hand.