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The growing number of high-rise and super tall buildings around the world is driving the growth of the smart elevator market. Smart elevators offer many conveniences and advantages not available with traditional elevators. They can improve energy efficiency, reduce wait times, integrate access control features, and allow for better control of elevator traffic. Smart elevators are being utilized in a variety of commercial, residential, healthcare, hospital, retail, and industrial settings.


The automobile industry is most certainly as good as the sum of its parts. Whether you choose luxury cars or heavy-duty transport for your tasks, the chances are that your vehicle has been carefully crafted with Auto Parts. Metal works Limited, a renowned industrial solutions supplier offers a unique combination of know-how in plastics rubber and metal moulding technologies for clients in the automobile industry worldwide. Our research and development facilities, design offices and our practiced sales team provide us with expertise that allows us to offer a full range of plastics, rubber and metal based automotive solutions.

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The hotel industry is one of the fastest-growing concerns in the world and a revolution in the field of cooking equipment has occurred. We have developed integral technological expertise for the Pakistani Hotel Industry. Through years of practical market research, we have refined particular standards, customized to Pakistani and international requirements. To meet the requirements of our clients to their full satisfaction, apart from our own products, we develop custom solutions as well.

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